Star CH is your local partner in Turkey for all aspects of Management and Payroll Istanbul requests (and also in Izmir, Ankara, Antalya…).

With payroll coordination you can get many advantages.

First of all, the flexibility: Payroll allows quitting at any moment.

Secondly, you save money in all aspects : no company set up fees, no accounting fees…

You can also waste time because you need to understand the local procedure and accounting rules.

Then, Employee’s documents, tax, registration… and any kind of this management is a time-consuming activity. Via our external solution, your employees can focus on doing more productive things.

Umbrella Company Turkey approach

In Turkey, few  approaches can be possible in order to match your needs : Payroll Management often concerns activities in two main areas, Payroll Accounting and Payroll Administration.

  • Turkish Payroll Accounting includes:
    1) estimating the gains of local staff and the related withholding for taxes, registrations and other deductions,
    2) recording the results of payroll tasks, and
    3) preparing required tax returns. The description concerns the activities of following datas (figures) of payroll topics to the Turkish Administration, state and local tax organizations.
  • Payroll Administration is focused on the managerial topics of maintaining a payroll, many of which are various from the accounting part of payroll. Payroll will concern mainly following aspects:

o    Managing local employee personnel and payroll datas

o    Compliance with local and regional organizations, state and local employment laws

Why choose Payroll solutions for your project in Turkey / Payroll Istanbul need ?

Star CH Payroll Istanbul Systems Make Payroll Fast & Easy

A local Payroll Turkey system (Payroll Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara…) will save you time and reduce mistakes. Mainly in Turkey where modifications and amendments of taxes, laws are still changing each year !


We measure our success by the satisfaction of our clients. The main factor of our success is the long term dedication, service and partnering with our clients.

We have a strong experience in mainly sectors such as oil and gas, engineering, automobile, energy …

We also provide Recruitment Turkey services and Work Permit Turkey support.

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