Our main mission as Payroll Turkey Company is to offer to our customers the best solutions in the area of payroll processing. As an Umbrella Company in Turkey we are based in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and everywhere
in Turkey. We base our accomplishment on our ability to provide adapted profile.

Star CH is a Payroll solution Turkey company based in Istanbul. We are able to afford a lot of services such as Turkey resident permit, Turkey work permit or recruitment. We are offering full, professional and personalized
payroll services.

Working in Turkey is not an easy matter as it could seem. There are many laws, emigration process and taxes that must be fulfill. If those paperwork and hours of measures will stress you, you should consider our services as  
Payroll Istanbul…. Star CH can support you: less paperwork, less time spoiled in procedures and many results as doing by yourself.

You want to expand your business in Turkey without a legal structure? Think payroll solution Turkey!

You desire to increase your business in Turkey with a local salesman but you don’t want to scrimp times in juridical and accounting matters ? Do not hesitate contact us.

Payroll solutions Turkey and Umbrella Company Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara…

We are definitely in the measure to support you as a payroll company, we offer these services in all over Turkey : Umbrella Company Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara… We already have our own legal structure in Istanbul
and we are allowed to declare your workers. On one hand you pay us all taxes and salaries (we settle the administration with this) and on another hand your employee works and is declared in our own structure.

In that way, you don’t shed time in administrative issues and spare money.

How it works? It’s simple: We sign a contract with your employee, then you discharge us his wages and taxes.

Star CH is also offering a complete range of services to answer to your Human Resources needs in addition to the payroll solutions Turkey (more information on our 
Recruitment Turkey page).

Explore our different services for foreign companies based in Turkey  


Payroll solutions Turkey


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