Payroll in Turkey

Looking for payroll in Turkey? Have you just moved to Istanbul, and want to keep your French employment contract benefits in Turkey?

Why not opt ​​for a local contract, such as payroll ?

This is a problem for Europeans who do not know the best way to move to Turkey. There are actually several ways of moving to Turkey.

Our intercultural training for Turkey will enlighten you on this subject.

Getting back to our subject, what are the means of professional expatriation in Turkey?

• The Turkish employment contract

• Entrepreneurship, or the creation of a self-employed status

• VIE, better known under the name “International Volunteering in Business”

• The employment contract for a French expatriate residing in Turkey

• Payroll in Turkey (link)

Of course, each option has its advantages and disadvantages. We aim through this article to discuss the payroll contract in Turkey.

Payroll in Turkey: A practical case

Upon expatriation, payroll is a contract that represents an ideal alternative solution. This is the type of contract you can submit to a French person employed in Turkey.

There are three players in the world of payroll.

– The employee

– The customer

– The payroll company

The Payroll Turkey company is there to employ your staff on-site, and take care of all the administrative procedures (obtaining the Turkish work visa, editing payslips, payment of wages, etc.)

The supported employee receives instructions from the client who is his unofficial employer.

Everyone can benefit from the payroll contract in Turkey, foreigners, expatriates, local employees etc.

Here is a diagram explaining the payroll in Turkey in more depth.

Two cases of Payroll in Turkey that could be interesting for an expatriate:

– The company does not have any structure in Turkey, and wishes to develop its activities in this country. He can recruit the expatriate employee, via a payroll firm. This same payroll firm will take care of all the employee’s administrative procedures (editing the local employment contract, preparing pay slips, payment of salaries, etc.). The company will only have to manage its employee from afar.

– The company has significant sales in Turkey, and wants to send an employee there to remotely manage its activities.

Example of ​​Payroll in Turkey if the expatriate does not have an employer

In this case, the expatriate can always seek to meet companies with strong growth potential in Turkey. He/she can submit ideas to them to develop their business at a competitive cost via the payroll contract. Many employers would be willing to operate their activities abroad, but unfortunately their agenda does not allow them to recruit potentials capable of handling this type of operation.

Never forget, LinkedIn is your perfect ally to show off your ambition!

We have always known that business managers are more attracted to ambitious profiles!

What are the most compatible jobs with Payroll in Turkey?

Sales profiles are the most likely to be recruited under this type of contract.

Take the example of a European company which launches a new product in Turkey via distributors. This company wants to keep costs as low as possible, but at the same time it needs an on-site employee (preferably a salesperson) who can canvas distributors in addition to analysing the competition.

The payroll contract will therefore appear as the ideal contract. In this way, the company in question will not even need to set up a business structure in Turkey, since the umbrella company will take care of all the administrative procedures for the employee.

Advantages of the Umbrella company in Turkey

– Perfectly flexible Turkish contract

– Negotiations to obtain the same advantages as a French contract

Services offered by payroll in Turkey companies

Recruitment Services (HR) in Turkey

The majority of PEO companies offer to recruit the ideal employee for you in Turkey! Thanks to their databases full of profiles, they can quite quickly organise interviews with the profiles that best match your research.

Turkish work permit service

If the recruited employee does not have Turkish nationality, the payroll company based in this country can also take the necessary steps to obtain a work permit.

If you have any other questions concerning the working world in Turkey, do not hesitate to ask questions via our contact page. Our experts will be happy to answer you.



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