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The advantages of choosing an Umbrella Company based in Turkey.

Since the birth of its founding principle. Umbrella Company Turkey has benefited from an undeniable craze among senior executives, trainers, freelance consultants and transition managers. Much more than the status of self-entrepreneur.

Do you also want to pursue an independent activity? And if you join the movement? Ultra-advantageous status, the Umbrella Company method, halfway between employment and entrepreneurship. This method is perhaps the solution you are looking for to develop your business in Turkey and value your expertise. Focus on the advantages of umbrella company.

Choose missions, schedules and fees

Want to be fully in control of your professional project? To conduct your activity as you see fit? To become independent simply? Umbrella Company allows you to enjoy a lot of freedom, without comparison with a conventional salaried position.

As a self-employed and responsible worker:

You choose freely your missions

You negotiate your fees and your procedures with your clients

You benefit from more flexibility on a daily basis

You work in the place of your choice, without having to report to any superior

Thus, with the wage portage, you become in some way an independent employee.

Benefit from comprehensive social protection

Unlike some company managers who have to be satisfied with minimal social protection because of their status as self-employed workers (sole proprietorship / micro-enterprise). The employee consultant benefits from a complete social cover, identical to the social system of the employee.

Thus, the status of Umbrella Company allows the employee to:

Benefit from the reimbursement of his care

To be entitled to unemployment

Contribute to pension funds

To collect daily allowances in case of sick leave

Take advantage of the professional liability insurance of its portage company

Other non-negligible social benefits: as a salaried employee, you can combine your unemployment benefits with your income from your activity (under certain conditions). In the same way, the pension-compensation cumulation in salary portage is also possible according to your situation.

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