Binance : Soon a generalized practice? Binance wants to be “more present” for its customers in Turkey with a new customer service. The cryptocurrency exchange wants to experiment with a new tool to satisfy, but also to secure its customers.


Binance has set its sights on Turkey, to launch its customer service center there. Prone to double-digit inflation, Turkey is particularly fond (surely out of necessity) of Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptos. The exchange opened a branch in the country about 2 years ago. Customers residing in Turkey will benefit from this new support service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via the Binance app.

The company will use this application to interact directly with Turkish users. It thus hopes to improve on the one hand the customer experience it offers, and on the other hand to fight more effectively against scams. Customer service aims to stop scams, if possible before they have even started to claim victims.

Could this customer service also have saved Binance from having to deal with bigger issues, like multimillion-dollar complaints from some of its disgruntled customers?


The broad outlines of the contributions expected from this pilot project are therefore more or less well defined. But what are the factors that could have motivated Binance to choose Turkey as a pilot country for this new service? According to data from Similarweb, more than 7% of desktop browser access to the exchange’s main platform comes from Turkey. The country is therefore the first source of traffic for Binance, from a geographical point of view.

The extension of this service to the rest of the world is planned. However, it is conditional on the success of the pilot project in Turkey. The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, had also given some details on the development plans for this new service, during the Paris Blockchain Week Summit:

“We provide customer support only by text, and in the coming period we aim to roll out this service also by phone in all countries.”

Turkey could therefore be the starting point of a new axis of strategic improvement for a Binance which wishes to conquer the world, while gradually complying with local regulatory requirements, and now better supporting its customers thanks to its customer service. .

If people in Turkey are turning to Binance, it’s probably because it’s the #1 exchange in terms of number of users and transaction volume. Choose reliability and register on Binance to enjoy the security of a proven exchange!



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