The all-inclusive trip is the ideal option for a hassle-free vacation: you won’t have to plan anything, since everything is planned! The room, the plane, the meals, the activities… And it doesn’t necessarily cost more, the proof!

All-inclusive holidays are a bit of a paradise for large families, or for those who want nothing – but really nothing – to have to manage during their holidays. No worries about the price of this or that, this restaurant or this activity, since everything is included in the price initially paid, from activities to meals, drinks, delicacies and the hotel room. However, opting for the all inclusive is one thing, choosing the destination is another…

A low-budget all-inclusive trip

The website has carried out a study for you to compare the prices of all-inclusive trips. The goal ? Find the most advantageous deal for you, for a dream trip without any hassle! Result, for 711 euros per person, you can fly with family or solo for six nights in Istanbul, Turkey. The opportunity for you to discover this pretty destination with a thousand and one activities and dishes to taste. This country, like this city, will be able to offer you everything you expect from a colorful trip full of beautiful discoveries.

And if Turkey does not tempt you more than that, the study presents other destinations that are just as affordable, within a few euros.

Italy, Spain, Portugal and Morocco all inclusive? It’s possible !

If Turkey is not the destination that catches your eye, don’t panic: there are other destinations that should offer you an expensive trip, but a dream trip nonetheless:


Italian gastronomy and the many cultural activities of Italy have been eyeing you for a while now, but you have never found the time or dared to take the plunge? It is time ! For 719 euros per week in all inclusive, Italy reaches out to you, and is waiting for you!


In third position according to the study, it is the Costa Brava, located in Spain, which opens the doors to tapas and the Spanish sun. Long restful naps and sangria are yours.

The Morocco

If you want to cross the Mediterranean, go to Agadir, Morocco, for 763 euros, for a 100% exotic trip without having to go to the end of the world.


Back to Europe for the fifth position, just next to Spain. You can thus go to Portugal, to Madeira, for 768 euros, still all inclusive. This destination is also first in terms of value for money according to the study, with a score of 86/100.

With all these pretty destinations at low prices, you should find your happiness, and come back with a tanned, fresh and rested complexion from your beautiful vacation. All you have to do is find the offer of your dreams on the sites that offer discounted travel!



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