To be a Human Resources firm for 10 years allow to The Nichols JR Payroll Solutions Turkey to have a significant experience on Payroll Turkey sector. We can escort you also in your project for Payroll Istanbul. Below, a local job offer.



As an event planning apprentice of reality bending awesomeness (aka doer of good things and operator of events that awe) you will be contributing from day one. You’ll join our gang to produce and execute events every day and weekend while simultaneously creating in-depth trend reports as reference for team brainstorming. All that said, you’ll be encouraged to help seek unique talent to add to our culture and take our events to the next level
Understand, you will have the opportunity to LEAD & WORK CLOSELY  on events and projects. Basically you’ll get to take charge with major support and mentorship from our Head of Events and the team

The ideal candidate regarding Payroll Solutions Turkey


— Reach out to local event and background producers for collaboration opportunities
— Attend events around the city for inspiration and networking
— Help to plan, organize, and execute events from behind the scenes
— Assist on-site with local events
— Research and trend analysis
— Being something like a phenomenon everyday.

— If you have background throwing parties, gathering groups, entertaining people, putting together events.
— If you are ready to bust your ass
— If you know how to keep a schedule
— If you have a passion for blog-hopping and discovering inspiring underground talent of all genres.


MUST submit a 30 second video that best showcases yourself. Find instructions below., It’s all about personality and we really want to get a sense of who you are. In order to do that, we ask that you create a 30sec video. Let TRknow why you belong here. Below you’ll find instructions and requirements for the video:

Complete ALL of the steps to be considered.


Moreover, The Nichols JR can offer to its clients Work Permit Turkey as a Recruitment Turkey Solution. Indeed , we can help companies to develop differently in the Turkish market.

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