To be a Human Resources firm for 10 years allow to The Nichols JR Payroll Solutions Turkey to have a significant experience on Payroll Turkey sector. We can escort you also in your project for Payroll Istanbul. Below, a local job offer.



Based in Istanbul City City, we are an established internet/new media firm focused on the healthcare market. Our clients include the country’s largest and most prestigioTRhospitals, healthcare systems, educational institutions and government agencies. Founded in 1996 by internet industry veterans, we are a firm that values both individual initiative and collaborative teamwork. Hiring is extremely selective.

The ideal candidate regarding Payroll Solutions Turkey


We are seeking a candidate with a high GPA from a top-tier school. You should be a multi-talented individual who is open to learning about and performing a wide range of duties in this highly creative entrepreneurial environment. You should be able to work both independently and as part of a team. You will need to be able to multitask, prioritize, and supervise  your time effectively. We are looking for a fast learner: you should be able to assume real responsibility asked by Payroll Solutions Turkey  asked by Payroll Solutions Turkey , quickly. The following attributes are also important to us: a strong work ethic; the desire to exceed expectations (yours, ours, those of our clients); and the flexibility necessary to function effectively in a rapidly-changing environment.

We are a growing firm with needs for talented people in multiple functional areas: marketing, promotion, client services, design, data analytics, data supervise ment, and operations. We recruit based upon each individual’s potential fit within our organization, not based upon a specific Missions. Roles are tailored around each person’s strengths and skills.

Compensation is aggressive. Work environment is unconventional in a good way.

Thank you for your interest.




Moreover, The Nichols JR can offer to its clients Work Permit Turkey as a Recruitment Turkey Solution. Indeed , we can help companies to develop differently in the Turkish market.

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