Improving productivity, profitability and compliance should be a goal for most companies looking to establish their presence on an international market. Entrusting your activities to our PEO in Turkey is the perfect way to ensure your HR management, hiring process, benefits, payroll and other administrative complications are handled in the most efficient way possible.

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Offering your employees excellent work conditions is essential if you wish to surround yourself with capable people whose contentment is paramount for increased reliability. As a PEO in Turkey, we know about and take full advantage of all the benefits employees are entitled to and manage taxes, payroll, training obligations, declarations etc. Thanks to this comprehensive solution, you can focus on selecting the perfect collaborator for your company, knowing that every single aspect of their employment will be taken care of.

By relieving your company of any employment-related responsibilities, you no longer run the risk of having to deal with the consequences of hiring someone who isn’t the perfect match and your company becomes more attractive to top candidates seeking a long term partnership where their competency will be valued.

Additionally, as a PEO in Turkey, we act as a true HR department for your Turkish branch and can provide you with all the data you need to help your business thrive thanks to highly efficient reporting.

Without setting up an actual business in Turkey, you are not bound to any obligations and can take this opportunity to test out your business strategies and drive profit without being held back by complicated commitments.

Having to deal with counterproductive corporate tasks when you could be busy conquering new business territories can be very frustrating, particularly when dealing with the complexity of outsourcing some of your activities in Turkey. Thanks to our PEO in Turkey, you can regain your serenity and be assured that your business is fully compliant with Turkish legal requirements without the hassle of hiring dedicated staff. Whether you are looking for long term collaborators or wish to employ project specific staff, we can ensure your company will benefit from having the best partners to help you soar all while keeping you from complicated commitments.


PEO Turkey and financial functioning


If the employee receives unemployment allowances. He can continue to receive them. Provided that the sum of allowances + salary for a defined month is not greater than the initial amount lost.

As explained, PEO invoices the company. Concerning fees validated early.

These fees are then paid to the employee in the form of a salary.

Its amount is defined after deducting employer charges, management fees, etc.

The cost of salary in PEO in Turkey is approximately 10% of turnover excluding taxes. This corresponds to the management rate of the carrier company. Which varies depending on the carrier company.

The strengths PEO system


PEO is booming and for many professions (engineers, project managers, executives…). It constitutes a real springboard. Its advantages are also numerous:

  • There is no creation of statutes

The person who launches does not need to create any status. Once engaged with PEO, he can start.

  • Entrepreneur and protected

With PEO, you can combine a self-employed activity with the advantages of salaried status. You benefit from an advantageous mutual insurance scheme, you depend on social security, you contribute for retirement…

  • You do interesting tasks

With PEO solution in Turkey, you access missions and therefore find new customers.

  • You train

Thanks to the PEO in Turkey, you have the possibility to train yourself. Then, to learn how to develop your business and increase your turnover. As you know, training is essential when you are independent!

  • You are always accompanied

With PEO, you will be able to join a community of professionals. Then, to expand your network. If you have questions, also take advantage of the advice of your interlocutor to remove your doubts.

  • A simple solution

There is no creation of statutes. Start a mission in just 24 hours. Don’t waste your time with various administrative procedures and devote yourself 100% to your activity.


Are there any disadvantages?


Like all the other devices allowing to exercise a professional activity, PEO presents some disadvantages.

The first is the management fees deducted from the turnover of the employee. These costs are due to various advantages dedicated to employee (support, network, access to training, etc.). On the missions entrusted to employees, PEO also has a right of oversight. The daily rate must be negotiated in advance.


PEO solution in Turkey : a status really synonymous with security?


For a consultant, turning to PEO does not present any major risks. Working conditions are mentioned in the contract. Which binds him to PEO. With this system, the professional is certain to receive remuneration at the end of each month.

In Turkey, PEO is a system appealing more and more companies and people. They wish to combine independence and social security coverage for employees. If you want to get started. Do not hesitate to inquire with Nichols JR Payroll solutions Turkey. It offers exclusive services, guarantees and insurance for PEO professionals.