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How Umbrella Companies Work in Turkey

Halfway between the status of employee and entrepreneur, Umbrella Company in Turkey is an innovative solution. It allows you to set up an independent professional activity. While preserving the social security of an employee.

Definition of Umbrella Company Turkey


For people, Umbrella Company allows them to set-up their activity and work for their own customers. While retaining their employee status. Born in 1980, Umbrella system has experienced very strong growth in Turkey since the 2000s. As indicated, this concept is now incorporated into the Labor Code.

The basic principle of this system is to convert a self-employed professional activity. Into a self-employed job with an employment contract and employee status.

The employee of the Umbrella Company in Turkey performs a mission. Then, for a client willing to pay a Payroll Turkey Company. As part of the Umbrella Company, three actors are therefore identified.

These all have specific roles:

The client company

It benefits from a quality service thanks to the know-how of the employee. It also delegates the administrative management of the contract.

The Umbrella Company in Turkey

It hires the employee, accepts the contract concluded by the latter. And remunerates it every month.

A physical person

The employee concerned prospects, enters into contact and negotiates with his clientele the conditions of the service. He also concedes to the Umbrella company the contract concluded in exchange for an employment contract. He also performs the service on behalf of the Umbrella Company in Turkey.

Who is the Umbrella Company for?

It is intended for all people wishing to be independent. And aiming to take advantage of benefits of the employee plan.

It is also compatible with a large number of trades:

  • executives and engineers,
  • project managers,
  • communications and marketing consultants,
  • management and finance,
  • web and digital professions…



Way of work of Umbrella Company in Turkey


Umbrella company is divided into several stages:

Prospecting and commercial negotiation:

The employee concerned enters into contact with a company likely to entrust him with a mission. Together, they establish an intervention tariff, define a duration, objectives of the service entrusted, costs to be included …

Employment contract :

Its signature takes into account the various elements established during commercial negotiations.


Umbrella Company carries out the work entrusted to them according to the established specifications.

Nichols JR, the leading network of Payroll Turkey, intervenes in these different stages. In fact, the client company and Nichols JR sign the service contract. For its part, the employee carried signs with Nichols JR Payroll Turkey Solution the employment contract. According to elements validated during negotiation step.

During assignment’s performance, the professional taking charge of it regularly, informs Nichols JR of the progress of the service entrusted.

Nichols JR also intervenes at the administrative level (invoicing, contract, etc.). And it ensures the professional salary management (pay slip, pension funds, etc.). Regarding the monthly remuneration, this is paid by the carrier company.

Once the work is finished and if no other is entrusted, Nichols JR pays the balance of any account to the employee carried.

What are the different contractual documents?

These documents are:

The mission contract: concluded between Umbrella Company, employee and client company. This document includes essential elements such as the nature of the assignment and duration, the amount of the services, the deadline for the payment terms, legal responsibilities, assignment fees and professional fees.

The Payroll agreement: it indicates the conditions of collaboration between the employee and the Payroll company. Invoicing, finding assignments, fees received by the company and employee compensation are mentioned in particular in this agreement.

The employment contract: the latter comes after the two previous documents have been signed.

Our Umbrella Company Nichols JR was created in 2000’s in Istanbul. In the meantime, the company has positioned itself among the top three Turkish payroll groups. With the largest network of agencies in Turkey, franchised, Nichols JR is a leader at national and local level.

It is recognized in the fields of consulting, engineering and training, by nearly 1,000 clients located in more than 15 countries.

Discover PEO solution in Turkey

Improving productivity, profitability and compliance should be a goal for most companies looking to establish their presence on an international market. Entrusting your activities to our PEO in Turkey is the perfect way to ensure your HR management, hiring process, benefits, payroll and other administrative complications are handled in the most efficient way possible.

Our agency is supporting your company’s growth ! Thanks to tailored solutions


Offering your employees excellent work conditions is essential if you wish to surround yourself with capable people whose contentment is paramount for increased reliability. As a PEO in Turkey, we know about and take full advantage of all the benefits employees are entitled to and manage taxes, payroll, training obligations, declarations etc. Thanks to this comprehensive solution, you can focus on selecting the perfect collaborator for your company, knowing that every single aspect of their employment will be taken care of.

By relieving your company of any employment-related responsibilities, you no longer run the risk of having to deal with the consequences of hiring someone who isn’t the perfect match and your company becomes more attractive to top candidates seeking a long term partnership where their competency will be valued.

Additionally, as a PEO in Turkey, we act as a true HR department for your Turkish branch and can provide you with all the data you need to help your business thrive thanks to highly efficient reporting.

Without setting up an actual business in Turkey, you are not bound to any obligations and can take this opportunity to test out your business strategies and drive profit without being held back by complicated commitments.

Having to deal with counterproductive corporate tasks when you could be busy conquering new business territories can be very frustrating, particularly when dealing with the complexity of outsourcing some of your activities in Turkey. Thanks to our PEO in Turkey, you can regain your serenity and be assured that your business is fully compliant with Turkish legal requirements without the hassle of hiring dedicated staff. Whether you are looking for long term collaborators or wish to employ project specific staff, we can ensure your company will benefit from having the best partners to help you soar all while keeping you from complicated commitments.


PEO Turkey and financial functioning


If the employee receives unemployment allowances. He can continue to receive them. Provided that the sum of allowances + salary for a defined month is not greater than the initial amount lost.

As explained, PEO invoices the company. Concerning fees validated early.

These fees are then paid to the employee in the form of a salary.

Its amount is defined after deducting employer charges, management fees, etc.

The cost of salary in PEO in Turkey is approximately 10% of turnover excluding taxes. This corresponds to the management rate of the carrier company. Which varies depending on the carrier company.

The strengths PEO system


PEO is booming and for many professions (engineers, project managers, executives…). It constitutes a real springboard. Its advantages are also numerous:

  • There is no creation of statutes

The person who launches does not need to create any status. Once engaged with PEO, he can start.

  • Entrepreneur and protected

With PEO, you can combine a self-employed activity with the advantages of salaried status. You benefit from an advantageous mutual insurance scheme, you depend on social security, you contribute for retirement…

  • You do interesting tasks

With PEO solution in Turkey, you access missions and therefore find new customers.

  • You train

Thanks to the PEO in Turkey, you have the possibility to train yourself. Then, to learn how to develop your business and increase your turnover. As you know, training is essential when you are independent!

  • You are always accompanied

With PEO, you will be able to join a community of professionals. Then, to expand your network. If you have questions, also take advantage of the advice of your interlocutor to remove your doubts.

  • A simple solution

There is no creation of statutes. Start a mission in just 24 hours. Don’t waste your time with various administrative procedures and devote yourself 100% to your activity.


Are there any disadvantages?


Like all the other devices allowing to exercise a professional activity, PEO presents some disadvantages.

The first is the management fees deducted from the turnover of the employee. These costs are due to various advantages dedicated to employee (support, network, access to training, etc.). On the missions entrusted to employees, PEO also has a right of oversight. The daily rate must be negotiated in advance.


PEO solution in Turkey : a status really synonymous with security?


For a consultant, turning to PEO does not present any major risks. Working conditions are mentioned in the contract. Which binds him to PEO. With this system, the professional is certain to receive remuneration at the end of each month.

In Turkey, PEO is a system appealing more and more companies and people. They wish to combine independence and social security coverage for employees. If you want to get started. Do not hesitate to inquire with Nichols JR Payroll solutions Turkey. It offers exclusive services, guarantees and insurance for PEO professionals.

Payroll and taxes in Turkey

In Payroll Turkey system, both the employer and the employee contribute to the funding of Social Security. And, supplementary pensions or vocational training. This contribution takes the form of taxes; employer contributions from employer’s side and employee contributions from employee’s side. Taxes range are determining net salary paid to employee each month. The employee working under a Payroll Company in Turkey is no exception to the rule!

Should the employee pay social taxes ?

As an employee, the consultant is obviously subject to social security contribution payments. On the other hand, he will not be responsible for donating to various funds.

Indeed, remember that in the context of Payroll in Turkey, Umbrella company is covering administrative obligation. It is not like self-employed workers (business managers, etc.).

Which social taxes does the consultant in Payroll Turkey pay ?

By donating part of his turnover and his gross salary, the consultant in Payroll participates in payment of few aids and social devices. In return, he will get benefit in any cases: in the event of unemployment, illness…

Here are a few social contributions paid in Payroll :

  • Unemployment contribution
  • Contribution of family allowances
  • Health Insurance
  • Housing assistance
  • Old-age contribution

Note that the rate charged for each contribution may vary depending on the activity. And alos, the company’s payroll or the status of the employee.

Some of these contributions are done by both consultant and Payroll in Turkey portage company. While others are borne solely by one or the other. In both cases, the Payroll Turkey company declares and pays all contributions.

How the social contributions are collected in Payroll Turkey ?

The various social security contributions due are directly deducted from the turnover achieved by consultant. This sampling takes place in several stages. Here’s the process:

First, the Payroll Turkey company removes the management fees from the monthly turnover generated by the consultant. These are generally around 8%.

Then, the company takes the employers charges. We then obtain the gross salary.

Finally, all that remains is to deduct the employee contributions to obtain the net salary.

In the end, the net salary received by the consultant is equivalent to approximately half of its invoicing excluding tax.

In addition, let’s not forget that the consultant’s salary is also subject to income tax. Which is used to finance research, education, defense, sustainable development and local and regional authorities.

Tax rates in Payroll Turkey

Please find below some information if you want to set-up a company by yourself . Then, without Payroll Turkey organization.

Consumption taxes

The nature of the taxes : Katma Deger Vergisi tax (KDV) or Value Added Tax (VAT)

The standard rate : Standard rate of 18%

The reduced rate : There is a reduced rate of 8% which is applicable on basic foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and other necessities. A reduced rate of 1% applies to: newspapers, specific agricultural products, specific machinery and equipment acquired by finance lease.

Other consumption taxes : ÖTV (Özel Tüketim Vergisi) is a special consumption tax levied on petroleum products, cars and other vehicles, tobacco and alcohol as well as luxury goods. Telecommunication services are subject to a special communication tax (Özel İletişim Vergisi).

Corporate taxes

Corporate tax : 22% (between 2018 and 2020)

The tax rate for foreign companies : Resident companies, having their registered office or their place of management in Turkey, are full taxpayers and are taxed on their worldwide income.

Non-resident companies are limited taxpayers. And, they are only taxed on income earned in Turkey. For more information, see the Invest in Turkey website.

The branch profit transferred to the head office is subject to withholding tax on dividends. Rate is 15% (unless the rate is changed under a tax treaty).

Taxation of capital gains : Long-term capital gains are taxed in Turkey. It is done at the standard rate of income tax. With an exemption of 75% of capital gains from the sale of shares held in subsidiaries in Turkey. Provided that shares are held for a minimum period of two years. And capital gains from the sale are kept in a special reserve account. Duration is for a minimum period of five years.

Capital gains derived from the sale of real estate. It is held for a minimum period of two years . Tax exemption is up to 50%.

Capital gains derived from the sale of foreign holdings. Holding for a period of at least two years. It must be done by an international holding company resident in Turkey. The, they are exempt from corporation tax.

Deductions and tax credits : Deductible expenses from taxable income of businesses are: business expenses, property tax linked to activity as well as research and development expenses. Social security premiums for employees engaged in R&D missions. Which are normally payable by the employer. Then, they are covered up to 50% by Ministry of Finance. Companies are also exempt from stamp duty on any document related to research and development. And, also, goods imported in this regard are exempt from customs duty. In addition, the increase in R&D expenditure compared to the previous year (minimum of 50%) gives the right to additional deductions.

Business start-up costs are considered deductible once incurred. Furthermore, taxpayer has the opportunity of capitalizing these costs. Then, to amortizing them over a period of five years in equal amounts.

Donations to listed charities as well as to the construction of schools, hospitals and scientific research organizations are deductible up to 5% of the gross profit of the company. Contributions to retirement as well as severance pay are deductible from corporate tax under certain conditions.

“Strategic” investments (as determined by the government, such as investing in the production of products that are highly dependent on imports) are eligible for a deduction of up to 100% of corporate tax. It is also including several other advantages. It is mainly concerning customs duties, social security contributions owed by the employer, etc.

Tax losses can be carried forward over a period of five years. Loss carry-back is prohibited. Except in the event of the liquidation of a business.

Other corporate taxes : Buildings and land owned in Turkey are subject to an annual property tax at various rates.

  • Social security contributions for the employer and the employee total 34.5% of the employee’s salary;
  • 14% for the employee
  • and 20.5% for the employer.

In addition to contributions to social security, contributions to unemployment insurance amount to

  • 3% of salary,
  • 1% for the employee
  • and 2% for the employer.

Social security ceiling is set at TRY 15,221.25 for the period from January 1 to December 31, 2018.

All these information are needed if you are looking for Payroll Turkey company.

Payroll Turkey

Payroll Turkey is the solution for those who wish to try the adventure of entrepreneurship while retaining their employee status. Professionals in this sector will enact their best practices through a voluntary standard.

Reconciling freedom of enterprise and social benefits, Payroll Turkey has found its place. Its principle: the entrepreneur does not directly bill the customer for the service, but indirectly pays for it through a Payroll company. The latter pays him a salary and fulfills, for him, the legal fiscal and administrative obligations.

Beyond the legal framework set by the recent collective agreement, the actors of Payroll expressed the need to record their good practices in a reference document.

 A standard for setting the terms and conditions for Payroll Turkey Company

By formalizing the operational aspects of this new form of employment, the standard intends to simplify its implementation and application. “Standardization work must, in particular, make it possible to set the requirements for the organization and definition of information documents, for transparency on the costs and expenses related to the activity of employees.

They also focus on the control of the required skills, the implementation and monitoring of the service, as well as the measurement of the quality of the service, “explains our consultant, at the Payroll Turkey conference”This demand for standardization of the sector comes at a time when we note a tendency, for entrepreneurs who need agility in their actions, to give priority to vigilance in the management of their activities,” says Cihan Ozbulut, head of project at our Payroll Solutions Turkey Company, which will lead the standardization committee. In fact, there is a strong mobilization among players in the sector at the national level but also for payroll companies working internationally. A hedge which then raises other questions relating to the use of currencies, the realization of specific advances, insurance coverage or even different tax rules.

Umbrella Company Turkey

The advantages of choosing an Umbrella Company based in Turkey.

Since the birth of its founding principle. Umbrella Company Turkey has benefited from an undeniable craze among senior executives, trainers, freelance consultants and transition managers. Much more than the status of self-entrepreneur.

Do you also want to pursue an independent activity? And if you join the movement? Ultra-advantageous status, the Umbrella Company method, halfway between employment and entrepreneurship. This method is perhaps the solution you are looking for to develop your business in Turkey and value your expertise. Focus on the advantages of umbrella company.

Choose missions, schedules and fees

Want to be fully in control of your professional project? To conduct your activity as you see fit? To become independent simply? Umbrella Company allows you to enjoy a lot of freedom, without comparison with a conventional salaried position.

As a self-employed and responsible worker:

You choose freely your missions

You negotiate your fees and your procedures with your clients

You benefit from more flexibility on a daily basis

You work in the place of your choice, without having to report to any superior

Thus, with the wage portage, you become in some way an independent employee.

Benefit from comprehensive social protection

Unlike some company managers who have to be satisfied with minimal social protection because of their status as self-employed workers (sole proprietorship / micro-enterprise). The employee consultant benefits from a complete social cover, identical to the social system of the employee.

Thus, the status of Umbrella Company allows the employee to:

Benefit from the reimbursement of his care

To be entitled to unemployment

Contribute to pension funds

To collect daily allowances in case of sick leave

Take advantage of the professional liability insurance of its portage company

Other non-negligible social benefits: as a salaried employee, you can combine your unemployment benefits with your income from your activity (under certain conditions). In the same way, the pension-compensation cumulation in salary portage is also possible according to your situation.

Please contact our company if you are looking for an Umbrella Company solutions.


Payroll Solutions Turkey – Account Supervisor (Istanbul City, NY)

compensation: – PerYear


To be a Human Resources firm for 10 years allow to The Nichols JR Payroll Solutions Turkey to have a significant experience on Payroll Turkey sector. We can escort you also in your project for Payroll Istanbul. Below, a local job offer.


Want to join a firm on the cutting edge of technology and travel? Want to be part of a fantastic and fun firm that’s revolutionizing the online travel advertising space?

Sojern has been called “the most successful Big Data marketer in travel” and earned the fastest growing travel technology firm distinction on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500. As the world’s leading data-driven traveler engagement platform, Sojern delivers the most efficient marketing, distribution, monetization and insight solutions at scale. Since 2007, we have been helping 600+ top brands more efficiently and meaningfully engage with travelers to drive conversions, loyalty, and monetization.

The role:

As an Account Supervisor, you’ll have the opportunity to work with major brand advertisers in the fast-paced, online travel-advertising environment. You will play a critical role within the firm through hands-on supervise ment of advertiser campaigns while establishing and maintaining our partner relationships.

Work directly with clients to optimize their campaigns, communicate their needs internally and lead post-campaign analysis/review

Partner closely with internal teams on day-to-day operational processes and larger, high-impact strategic improvements

Coordinate with sales, ad operations, and external clients to ensure campaigns are successfully launched and meet client’s aims

Analyze campaign performance data and provide optimization recommendations to ensure client satisfaction and renewal


The ideal candidate regarding Payroll Solutions Turkey


What you bring to the table:

Strong analytical abilities that leverage our data-driven platform to produce successful campaigns

Ability to handle multiple clients & campaigns on any given day

Great time supervise ment and organizational skills

Willing to wear multiple hats and roll up your sleeves to get the work done

Understanding of the online advertising industry

Great with people — ability to work with internal and external teams


Parties: Our team loves a good time

Snacks: Well-stocked kitchen

Opportunities: Training and support to help you grow

Charity: 40 hours/year to volunteer

Culture: Sojern’s Culture Club organizes team volunteering and events

Ownership: Lead creative and challenging projects


Moreover, The Nichols JR can offer to its clients Work Permit Turkey as a Recruitment Turkey Solution. Indeed , we can help companies to develop differently in the Turkish market.

Payroll Solutions Turkey – E-Commerce Supervisor – Payroll Istanbul

(Freelance to Full-time)


To be a Human Resources firm for 10 years allow to The Nichols JR Payroll Solutions Turkey to have a significant experience on Payroll Turkey sector. We can escort you also in your project for Payroll Istanbul. Below, a local job offer.


compensation: DOE

Role: E-Commerce Supervisor (Freelance to Full-time)
Location: Istanbul City
Status: Freelance to Full-time
Estimated Duration: Freelance to Full-time
Starts: As soon as they detect the right candidate
Rate: DOE

Our client, a contract and private label cosmetic manufacturer is currently looking for an ECOMMERCE SUPERVISOR to join their team.

The ideal candidate regarding Payroll Solutions Turkey


In this role it will be your responsibly to supervise  the establishment and maintenance of all eCommerce websites and initiatives. Our client is looking for someone senior, as you will touch everything from e-mail marketing to search as well as project supervise ment with IT. Webmastering background is imperative. You should be great with calendarization and you MUST have exposure working on Magento sites.

The IDEAL candidate will have 5+ years of deep eCommerce background. You must have a strong understanding of online marketing be confident and capable of overseeing the vision and implementation of multiple eCommerce websites. You MUST have exposure working with Magento. and background working with high-level businesses is desired.

This is a freelance role that will lead to a full-time role for the right candidate.

**Please note this client is located in LIC – right off the 7 train**




Moreover, The Nichols JR can offer to its clients Work Permit Turkey as a Recruitment Turkey Solution. Indeed , we can help companies to develop differently in the Turkish market.

Payroll Solutions Turkey – Marketing Events Supervisor

compensation: 24-26 an hour


To be a Human Resources firm for 10 years allow to The Nichols JR Payroll Solutions Turkey to have a significant experience on Payroll Turkey sector. We can escort you also in your project for Payroll Istanbul. Below, a local job offer.



Marketing Events Supervisor

Responsibilities include:
-Work with Senior Supervisor to establish event programs designed to contribute to marketing objectives agreed with business units and Sales
-Establish and own the execution of individual events/tradeshows/conferences within approved list
-Work with Exhibitions and Regional Marketing to ensure effective execution of events
-Support supervisor in supervising the allocated marketing budget
-Ensure effective follow up, monitoring and reporting on results of events
-Work in virtual teams with other relevant departments (Segment and Goods Marketing, Online/Content/Email Marketing, Regional Marketing) to ensure effective execution of events actions across all channels/depts.
-Liaise with Brand team to acquire and establish relevant event assets required for event execution
-Engage and closely supervise  external resources (e.g. creative design, copywriting, etc.), in the goodsion of event collaterals and templates
-Support PR execution with goodsion of Press Releases, Media packs and where appropriate engage with target media/journalists or PR agencies
-Support establishment and execution of online tactics including webinars or Social Media, etc. work with relevant online marketing supervisor where needed
-Ensures processes for event establishment approval and execution are properly adhered to including the supervise ment of external agency suppliers
-Contribute to performance improvement of event marketing programs by reporting on results and making recommendations for improvement

The ideal candidate regarding Payroll Solutions Turkey


-Good oral and written communication skills, good interpersonal skills; team player. Flexible, organized and able to prioritize and supervise  multiple projects simultaneously.
-3-5 years background in event marketing communications, business to business, publishing or Information Firm.
-Bachelor’s Level (preferably in Marketing, Communication, English) with 1-2 years work background in marketing environment.




Moreover, The Nichols JR can offer to its clients Work Permit Turkey as a Recruitment Turkey Solution. Indeed , we can help companies to develop differently in the Turkish market.

Payroll Solutions Turkey – Established internet co. seeks liberal arts grad (Upper East Side)

To be a Human Resources firm for 10 years allow to The Nichols JR Payroll Solutions Turkey to have a significant experience on Payroll Turkey sector. We can escort you also in your project for Payroll Istanbul. Below, a local job offer.



Based in Istanbul City City, we are an established internet/new media firm focused on the healthcare market. Our clients include the country’s largest and most prestigioTRhospitals, healthcare systems, educational institutions and government agencies. Founded in 1996 by internet industry veterans, we are a firm that values both individual initiative and collaborative teamwork. Hiring is extremely selective.

The ideal candidate regarding Payroll Solutions Turkey


We are seeking a candidate with a high GPA from a top-tier school. You should be a multi-talented individual who is open to learning about and performing a wide range of duties in this highly creative entrepreneurial environment. You should be able to work both independently and as part of a team. You will need to be able to multitask, prioritize, and supervise  your time effectively. We are looking for a fast learner: you should be able to assume real responsibility asked by Payroll Solutions Turkey  asked by Payroll Solutions Turkey , quickly. The following attributes are also important to us: a strong work ethic; the desire to exceed expectations (yours, ours, those of our clients); and the flexibility necessary to function effectively in a rapidly-changing environment.

We are a growing firm with needs for talented people in multiple functional areas: marketing, promotion, client services, design, data analytics, data supervise ment, and operations. We recruit based upon each individual’s potential fit within our organization, not based upon a specific Missions. Roles are tailored around each person’s strengths and skills.

Compensation is aggressive. Work environment is unconventional in a good way.

Thank you for your interest.




Moreover, The Nichols JR can offer to its clients Work Permit Turkey as a Recruitment Turkey Solution. Indeed , we can help companies to develop differently in the Turkish market.

Payroll Solutions Turkey – Social Media Marketing & Communications Intern (Summer 2015) Istanbul

To be a Human Resources firm for 10 years allow to The Nichols JR Payroll Solutions Turkey to have a significant experience on Payroll Turkey sector. We can escort you also in your project for Payroll Istanbul. Below, a local job offer.


As a social, marketing, and communications intern (aka the sexiest and most intelligent truth-sayer of cool and what is right in the world), you will be contributing from day one. You’ll join the gang in standing on mountain tops and door steps to announce to the world how and why entrepreneurship in ISTANBUL CITYmatters. You’ll be planning out tweets, updating our tumblr, preparing newsletters, preparing events, and in every way personifying all that is AlleyISTANBUL CITY You’re a beast and you cannot be tamed. Your marketing and communications glory MUST shine. You can’t have it any other way.

It’s going to be spectacular. Can’t wait. Let’s get to work.

The ideal candidate regarding Payroll Solutions Turkey

— Pull traffic numbers for weekly and monthly social media reports
— Daily posting and engagement on 4-5 social accounts
— Schedule early-morning and nighttime Facebook posts
— Assist as needed on main AlleyISTANBUL CITYFacebook page
— AlleyIstanbul Citycom blog supervise ment (weekends included)
— Assist in sourcing contacts for social content outreach
— Giveaway assistance: Pulling winners, contacting, mailouts, etc
— Work alongside events team to ensure all events are marketed according to plan and in a timely fashion
— Newsletter supervise ment

— Must be familiar with the use of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
— Excited about up and coming social apps
— Passion for the startup community/ heavy hunger for startup eco system
— Must have writing background
— Has worked with social media scheduling before
— Knows the basics of squarespace and wordpress
— MUST submit a link to at least 2 writing samples
Moreover, The Nichols JR can offer to its clients Work Permit Turkey as a Recruitment Turkey Solution. Indeed , we can help companies to develop differently in the Turkish market.